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Smile outlines strategic vision during EOS roll out

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Last Thursday, Smile One Services closed its practices early and invited over 100 team members to the Beardsley Theater for an important announcement about the future.

To say that Smile team members are used to change is an understatement. Since opening its first practice in 2008, Smile has been redefining the way dentistry is delivered for over a decade. That innovative spirit inspired the creation of West Michigan’s first multi-specialty practice, combining general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and orthodontics under one roof. In 2017, Smile One Services was established becoming Michigan’s first multi-specialty Dental Service Organization. Two years later, Smile One introduced Daydreams Pediatric Center, a surgical facility dedicated to pediatric dentistry under general anesthesia. Today, Smile’s multi-specialty footprint has grown to include six campuses throughout West Michigan.

But this meeting wasn’t about looking back. It was about giving the team a clearer picture of where Smile is going and why. “We’ve had an amazing year of continued growth,” said Dr. Darren Riopelle, Founder and CEO. “But what’s really exciting is where we are going.”

Six months ago, Dr. Riopelle introduced his leadership team to EOS®, an entrepreneurial operating system designed to create focus, accountability, and a clear strategic vision for the company. After six months of hard work implementing the EOS tools and concepts, it was time to introduce EOS® to the entire Smile team and show them the goal for the future.

Dr. Riopelle and the Smile One leadership team took turns outlining that vision and the path moving forward to achieve it. “Smile’s passion is to reimagine dentistry and how people experience it,” explained Dr. Riopelle. “That’s why we’re building this. It’s not just about growing, it’s about changing the industry.”

Daydreams opens new facility to meet growing demand for dental surgery

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Daydreams Procedure Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan is moving to a larger facility in order to keep up with the growing demand for pediatric dental care under general anesthesia. Daydreams opened in March of 2019 in response to the elimination of block time for dentistry at many hospitals. As that trend continued, Daydreams received patient referrals from dentists and healthcare providers throughout Michigan and currently delivers general anesthesia to 1,200 children annually. The new facility will provide three additional operating rooms to keep up with increased demand and ensure patient wait times are minimal. The new facility will also provide an opportunity in the future for Daydreams to include adult services like Endodontics, oral surgery, and implants. The new Daydreams location is located at 1471 E. Beltline Avenue and is scheduled to open in October 2021.

Smile One Services expands DSO footprint into Central Michigan

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Smile One Services—Michigan’s first multi-specialty DSO—is excited to announce the acquisition of John Downey, DDS Family Practice in Ithaca, Michigan. The practice will be renamed Smile Ithaca and become part of Smile Dental Partners’ West Michigan dental group that provides multi-specialty dental care at six locations along the Lake Michigan shoreline and Grand Rapids.

Dental Case Study: How UV Angel helped Smile One Services grow 25% during a global pandemic

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The following Case Study was published by UV Angel. The study tracks the impact of Smile One Services’ decision to install UV Angel products throughout its affiliate practices in 2020.

To receive a PDF of the complete report, visit UV Angel’s website.

Dental Case Study: Smile One Services

How one dental service organization grew their business in the face of a global pandemic by collaborating with UV Angel to implement next-generation pathogen control technology that helps keep patients, staff, and families safe.


  • 25% increase in revenue compared to pre-pandemic business.
  • 168% increase in average monthly new patient appointments compared to pre-pandemic monthly averages.
  • 27,894 visits to the new Smile Safety Assurance page in just two months, contributing to a 158% increase in traffic compared to the previous year.

About Smile One Services

Smile One Services is a dental service organization that manages and operates over 70 dental operatories across 5 locations in the state of Michigan. Smile One Services was created to help dentists embrace technology and industry best practices without losing sight of the personal interaction with each patient. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the organization knew they would have to respond differently to be able to keep business going.

“We had a goal to raise the bar for the standard of safety in the dental profession,” said Smile One Services Founder and CEO Darren Riopelle.

And that’s exactly what they did. Dental settings are a high-risk risk environment for exposure to and spread of disease-causing pathogens, so Smile One Services set out to create a new standard for safety that would protect patients and staff not just from the current pandemic, but from any harmful pathogen in dental offices now and in the future.

“Smile One Services led the way in responding to the challenges presented in the face of a global pandemic. They researched potential solutions from a scientific perspective and evaluated available options thoroughly which led them down a path to UV Angel. The science and data clearly supports the effectiveness of our pathogen control technology. Even in the toughest environments like dental settings.” —Dr. Linda Lee

The Challenge: Responding to a global pandemic in an industry prone to pathogen exposure.

Smile One Services knew that thinking differently and finding a robust pathogen control solution was essential to keep the organization moving forward through the pandemic. While all dental facilities were in lockdown at the beginning of 2020, Smile One Services used that time to determine how they could reopen safely, and hit the ground running as soon as restrictions began to ease.

They started by looking at pathogen control solutions that would serve as the foundation for a new and improved approach to dental office safety but were met with a few initial challenges that extended beyond the pandemic itself.

Smile One Services needed a solution that could meet the following requirements:

  • They needed a solution that was unobtrusive. Smile One Services is dedicated to creating comfortable, relaxing environments for patients. They wanted a solution that wouldn’t get in the way of patients or staff as they went about normal operations, and that could fit seamlessly into their existing processes.
  • They needed a solution that put people’s safety first. From front desk staff to hygienists, patients, and families, every person at Smile One Services is essential. The company wanted a solution that would actively work to create a safe environment for every person in their facility. They needed protection across the entire office, not just in operatories or patient rooms.
  • They needed a solution that wouldn’t bring hazardous chemicals or dangerous byproducts into their dental environments. Many pathogen treatment options available today make use of hazardous chemicals or release dangerous byproducts like ozone into the environment. Smile One Services wanted a different, safer solution.
  • They needed a solution that could scale. Effective pathogen control requires more than just one approach. Smile One Services needed pathogen control technology that could create a foundation for a larger safety system, and that could scale to protect offices and operatories across the entire organization.
  • They needed a solution that worked. Above all, Smile One Services was looking for pathogen control technology that worked. They were looking for technology that could effectively neutralize pathogens at the source level.

The Solution: UV Angel products that deliver effective source-level pathogen control with patented UV-C technology.

After looking at a range of available solutions, Smile One Services decided on UV Angel’s Adapt and Clean Air™ products. Installed directly into the ceiling and onto shared, high-touch surfaces, these units neutralize harmful pathogens in the air and on surfaces 24/7, 365 days a year, with patented shielded UV-C light technology.

Fast, Seamless Product Installation

UV Angel and Smile One Services collaborated to determine how many units each office would need based on space, airflow, and office layout. Based on those recommendations, UV Angel was able to install 93 UV Angel Adapt™ desktop keyboard units, and 160 UV Angel Clean Air™ ceiling-mount units in over 70 treatment locations in just days.

As a whole, installation was seamless. UV Angel Clean Air™ units install directly into ceiling tiles, and feature an LED downlight that replaces the original commercial lighting so Smile One Services didn’t see any change in treatment room lighting. UV Angel Adapt™ units install directly onto desktop keyboards, again providing safe, effective UV-C treatment, without disrupting the daily operations of patients or staff.

UV Angel’s units were installed in just days to deliver the unobtrusive, effective pathogen control that Smile One Services was looking for and provided the scalable foundation they needed to develop an entirely new Smile Safety Assurance program.

Why Smile One Services Chose UV Angel Products:
  • Effective pathogen control. UV Angel’s patented, proven UV-C technology effectively neutralizes harmful pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and fungi at the source level. UV Angel Clean Air™ and Adapt™ laboratory results showed elimination rates up to 99.99%.
  • Consistent, sustainable treatment. UV Angel units deliver effective UV-C treatment 24/7/365, and require little maintenance, making them a long-term, sustainable solution.
  • Entire office treatment. UV Angel Clean Air units install seamlessly into any office ceiling, in any part of the office. Adapt units sit conveniently above desktop keyboards to safely and continuously monitor and treat high-touch surfaces. Installation was simple across all 70+ Smile One Services locations.
  • A safe pathogen control solution. UV Angel Clean Air™ units make use of shielded UV-C, which is safe for occupied spaces. UV-C is long-studied and proven effective, and offers the added benefit of treating air and surfaces without introducing hazardous chemicals or dangerous byproducts to the environment.
  • Worry-free performance. Smile One Services didn’t want to wonder if their new technology was actively working. UV Angel units all come complete with sophisticated cloud connectivity so key team members and facility managers can remotely access performance data on any unit, and see at a glance how the entire system is performing.
  • Advanced analytics & a complete software platform. UV Angel’s complete software platform enables advanced analytics. The Smile One Services team uses the software to monitor organization-wide system performance, identify problem areas, and even glean usability data from operatories that may be underutilized.

UV Angel’s products met or exceeded all of Smile One Services’ needs for a sustainable, effective pathogen control solution that was safe for use in occupied spaces.

With UV Angel at the core of Smile One’s new Smile Safety Assurance, affiliate practices are now leading the charge for healthcare safety in the dental industry. This advanced approach to pathogen control, paired with Smile One Services’ robust marketing and clear communication strategies — including website, video, and text advertising — ensures Smile affiliates are able to provide patients with the confidence and peace of mind needed to successfully reopen and restore practice operations.

Let’s take a look at the results that the UV Angel and Smile One Services partnership has delivered.

The Results: Prioritizing people’s safety with next-generation pathogen control helped Smile One Services grow by 25%.

In 2020, the dental industry was down by as much or more than 20% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the country, dental practices were in lockdown from early March through June. Smile One Services used their time in shutdown to become early adopters of UV Angel’s innovative, source-level approach to long-trusted and well-tested ultraviolet light technology, and that decision put them on top.

When dental practices were able to reopen in June of 2020, Smile One Services had implemented UV Angel’s Clean Air units across all 70+ treatment rooms, and were able to welcome staff and patients back to cleaner, safer dental offices and operatories. That decision paid off.

Keeping Patients & Staff Safe With Effective Pathogen Control

After installing UV Angel’s units, there have been no cases of COVID-19 spread in any of Smile One Services’ 70+ treatment rooms. Just 10 staff members have tested positive since reopening, and none of those positive cases were spread through Smile One Services offices or treatment rooms. This is a testament to the effectiveness of both UV Angel’s technology and Smile One Services’ dedication to raising the bar for safety in healthcare.

Smile One Services Sees 25% Revenue Increase Despite Global Pandemic

Not only did installation of UV Angel’s technology succeed in keeping patients and staff safe during this pandemic, but Smile One Services’ investment also generated positive returns. While the rest of the dental industry was down 20%, Smile One Services increased revenue by 25%. Let’s take a closer look at these results:

  • 25% increase in revenue compared to prepandemic business revenue
  • 169% increase in average monthly new patient appointments compared to pre-COVID patient appointment averages
  • 158% increase in new user web traffic compared to the year before
  • 27,894 visits to the new Smile Safety Assurance page in just two months
  • Smile One Services even grew their team in the face of the global pandemic. They added: 5 dental assistants, 4 dental hygienists, and 4 doctors

Smile One Services’ investment not only worked to help them provide cleaner, safer dental environments for patients and staff, but it also contributed directly to their business’ growth.

After implementing a page on the Smile One Services website outlining their Smile Safety Assurance, the company saw a 158% increase in new user web traffic compared to the previous year, and 27,894 visits to that Smile Safety Assurance page in just two months. This data indicates that the organization’s success was largely due to their investment in UV Angel’s Clean Air technology and their new Smile Safety Assurance.

Smile One Services’ dedication to raising the bar for the standard of safety in the dental profession resonated strongly with their staff, and with patients — both existing and new. By prioritizing patient and staff safety and partnering with UV Angel, Smile One Services was able to grow significantly, even in a time of industry downturn.

The UV Angel and Smile One Services partnership is an exciting and successful one. This future-focused collaboration is sure to foster continued growth as both organizations work to raise the bar for the standards of safety and create cleaner, safer environments for all.

Daydreams meets demand as hospitals eliminate block time for dentistry

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As the healthcare industry continues to adjust and reprioritize services, more and more hospitals are deciding to reduce or eliminate block time for dentistry. With fewer resources and growing demand, pediatric dentistry under general anesthesia is experiencing dangerously long wait times as high as 3 to 6 months. Daydreams Pediatric Center was created to meet this challenge. We’re committed to providing one of the best facilities in the country for pediatric outpatient dental care and are adding additional surgery days to increase capacity and keep patient wait times as low as 1 to 2 weeks.

The typical child that comes to Daydreams is between 3 to 9 years old and will have anywhere from 3 to 20 cavities. It is estimated that 25% of children have dental decay before they even enter kindergarten. Daydreams’ state-of-the-art facility and in-house pediatric team of dentists, anesthesiologists, nurses, and dental assistants allow for each case to be completed in 1 to 2 hours. For families with insurance, the cost is about $500. However most patients use Healthy Kids Dental, which covers 100% of the patient’s cost. By removing the barriers of accessibility and affordability, children are able to receive a second chance at a healthy mouth.

Dr. Riopelle featured on Group Dentistry Now Podcast

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The Group Dentistry Now Show: The Voice Of The DSO Industry (Episode 24)

Hosted by Bill Neumann

Smile One Services may be a smaller DSO, with five Michigan locations, but they are the first dental practice in the country to introduce breakthrough UV-C pathogen control technology, working 24/7 to purify the air from harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The UV technology also neutralizes contamination on heavily-used surfaces. In this podcast, this dentist-led DSO’s owner and CEO, Dr. Darren Riopelle, explains their Smile Safety Assurance program and why he considers his practices to be the ‘safest dental practices’ in the country. Watch their video at under the podcast tab and then listen to this audio only podcast to learn more about their impressive safety protocols which make their patients and team feel safe. Our podcast series brings you dental support and emerging dental group practice analysis, conversation, trends, news and events. Listen to leaders in the DSO and emerging dental group space talk about their challenges, successes, and the future of group dentistry. The Group Dentistry Now Show: The Voice of the DSO Industry has listeners across the North & South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. If you like our show, tell a friend or a colleague.

For more information about this podcast and a transcript, visit Group Dentistry Now.

UV Angel Announces Partnership with Smile One Services

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Surface and air pathogen control technologies will be installed at all Smile One Services’ affiliate practices


GRAND HAVEN, Mich. (May 21, 2020) – UV Angel, a leader in pathogen control technology, today announced a partnership with Smile One Services, a West Michigan-based dental service organization (DSO), to bring UV Angel Air and UV Angel Adapt pathogen control products to all its affiliate dental practices, including adult, pediatric, and orthodontic office. Smile One Services created Smile Safety Assurance™, becoming the first DSO in the country to add UV-C pathogen control technology to its practices to help create safer and healthier environments.

With dentist offices considered high-risk environments during the current global pandemic, UV Angel’s technology will help make Smile One Services’ affiliate practices cleaner by using patented UV-C light treatment technology to automatically and continuously treat the air and surfaces for harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi.

“We believe rapid deployment of ultraviolet light technology in clinical environments like Smile Dental Partners is critical to help protect both patients and staff,” said Tom Byrne, CEO of UV Angel. “We know the technology is effective at neutralizing harmful pathogens in the environment. As a West Michigan-based company, we are proud to help with this fight right in our own backyard.”

All of Smile One Services’ affiliate practices will be equipped with UV Angel technology, including Daydreams Procedure Center in Grand Rapids and all four Smile Dental Partners in Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Holland, and North Muskegon. The installation should be completed in four to six weeks. This effort is part of the organization’s new Smile Safety Assurance™ program which includes a thermal imaging AI temperature screening system and cloud-based monitoring and reporting of all practice pathogen control.

“We want our patients to feel comfortable when they walk through our doors,” said Darren Riopelle DDS, founder and CEO of Smile One Services. “We know there’s a lot of anxiety around COVID-19, and it’s important – especially in a health care setting – to provide as many layers of protection as we can for our patients and staff. We believe UV Angel’s technology is an excellent complement to our current cleaning and safety practices to help keep those who visit our practices safe.”

The Smile One Services locations will be equipped with two different types of technology: UV Angel Air and UV Angel Adapt.

With a modern integrated design, UV Angel Air combines standard in-ceiling lighting with a proprietary UV-C air treatment system. Air containing dental aerosols are pulled into the sealed UV-C chamber where it is treated with high-intensity UV-C light. The clean, treated air is then returned to the room, where employees and patients can breathe easier.  By lowering the levels of harmful pathogens in the air and on surfaces, the risk of exposure is reduced.

UV Angel Adapt uses an intelligent, automated UV-C light treatment platform to continuously monitor and safely treat high-touch surfaces hundreds of times per day. UV Angel Adapt can be attached to keyboards, touch screens and a wide range of other frequently touched surfaces.

UV Angel products come with a robust data platform that provides users the ability to track key performance indicators, access invaluable data and make well-informed decisions about pathogen and infection control. For more information on UV Angel and its product, please visit

# # #

More About UV Angel

UV Angel is a pathogen control technology company that uses years of advanced research and development in ultraviolet light to help make the environments around us cleaner and safer by reducing harmful pathogens.  Fully automated, patented and proven safe, the company’s UV-C technology monitors and cleans the surfaces we touch and the air we breathe. UV Angel’s technology is complemented by a proprietary data analytics platform that delivers critical insights and strategic advantages to leaders in healthcare, food service, corporate, education and many more industries. Learn more at

More About Smile One Services

Smile One Services is West Michigan’s only multi-specialty Dental Service Organization (DSO). Founded in 2018 by Dr. Darren Riopelle, Smile One Services supports both general and specialty dental practices throughout West Michigan, including Smile Dental Partners (a group of adult, pediatric, and orthodontic specialists) and Daydreams (Michigan’s first pediatric center for general anesthesia dentistry). Smile One’s in-house resource include a call center, insurance specialists, IT, business services, and cloud-based pathogen control monitoring. In 2020, Smile One created Smile Safety Assurance™, becoming the first DSO in the U.S. to add UV-C pathogen control technology to its practices. Learn more at

Employment Opportunities

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You’ve heard it said that an organization is only as good as its people. That’s exactly how we feel at Smile One Services.

We have taken great care in assembling a team of accomplished professionals that set the standard of care for our patients. If you would like to apply for a position at one of our affiliate practices, we invite you to submit your resume. As positions become available, we will review them and contact candidates that have been selected for an interview.

We are currently looking for great people in the following areas:

General Dentists
Pediatric Dentists
Oral Surgeons

Please send resumes to:

Registered Dental Hygienists

Care for patients in a multi-specialty dental practice. Standard of care, systems, and case acceptance methodology implemented for efficiency. Positive attitude and strong communication skills a must. Please send resumes to:

Dental Assistants

Assist dentists, put people at ease, and provide patient education. Dental assisting experience required. Please send resumes to:

Patient Coordinators and Treatment Coordinators

Work with patients in the business office or at our call center to schedule appointments, coordinate treatment plans, and manage patient accounts. Please send resumes to:

Patient Account Specialists

Provide assistance with insurance claims and facilitate account transactions on behalf of our patients. Please send resumes to:


Introducing New Affiliate Practice: Smile South Holland

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Smile Dental Partners is excited to introduce our newest West Michigan practice. Smile South Holland (formerly Comfortable Dental Solutions) is located at 205 W. 29th Street and provides comprehensive family dental care. 

Smile Dental Partners is West Michigan’s first and only multi-specialty dental practice. In addition to our new practice in South Holland, Smile has practices in Cascade, Grand Haven, and North Muskegon as well.

Dr. Stebbins—supported by Smile’s entire team of dentists—will care for existing patients as well as new patients. Smile looks forward to bringing our fresh and proactive approach to dental care to the Holland community.

We invite you to stop by and see our new home, or to call and schedule a visit. New patients welcome.