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Daydreams featured on WZZM

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New pediatric dentistry office offering painless visits for kids

Daydreams offers safe, affordable dentistry

Author: Valerie Lego
Published: 5:00 PM EDT May 3, 2019 — WZZM 13 On Your Side

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Tooth decay is becoming an epidemic among our children.

“The typical child that comes in to us between 3 to 8, 9 years old and they could have anywhere from 3 to 20 cavities,” said Dr. Darren Riopelle of Smile One who sees it first hand as a pediatric dentist. “It’s a disease. If it’s one tooth, it spreads to all the other teeth.”

Riopelle says about 25% of children have dental decay before they even enter kindergarten. “It’s not uncommon that the entire mouth needs to be restored.” And most of the time that would happen in the hospital at a cost of about $10,000 until now.

Dr. Riopelle and a group of pediatric dentists and anesthesiologists created Daydreams a surgical pediatric dental service located in Grand Rapids where kids can have dental work done painlessly under general anesthesia in a safe environment.

“[The] Average case takes about an hour [or] hour and a half. We can go pretty fast because they’re out and we’ve got trained pediadontists that can do this work. And after that they can go on to our post-op which takes about 15 to 20 minutes and then we bring the parent in and we take them back out,” explains Riopelle.

Daydreams can treat about 36 kids in a day. “We’ve made it very easy to get in here. Easy access and all of the treatment can get taken care of at once.”

Riopelle says they’ve also made it affordable.

“Most of the children that we see are on the state program called Healthy Kids and there is actually no charge to them. We have figured out if we remove the barriers and get the work don’t it really doesn’t cost them anything out of pocket.”

And for those with insurance that cost is about $500 dollars. “It’s taking the level of care that needs to be given to these kids that no one else can deliver.” Which Riopelle says helps to give kids a second chance at healthy mouth.


Introducing A New Affiliate Practice

By News / Announcements

Smile One Services is proud to introduce the newest member of our affiliate network:

. . . . .

On March 4, 2019, a new kind of healthcare resource opened its doors in Grand Rapids. Daydreams Pediatric Center is designed for children and dedicated to pediatric dental surgery. The first of its kind in West Michigan, Daydreams is an idea imagined and nurtured by founder Darren Riopelle, DDS.

As a practicing dentist for over past 20 years, Dr. Riopelle noticed a recurring challenge specific to pediatric dentistry. Due to limited resources and growing demand, the wait time for pediatric dental care often averages 1 to 3 months. For dental treatment that requires surgery, the wait time increases to an average of 3 to 6 months.

“The industry needed a new solution,” explains Dr. Riopelle. “We wanted to create something that would be a resource for everyone.”

In 2016, Dr. Riopelle reached out to Anesthesia Practice Consultants ( to explore a possible partnership. The result is a new children’s center dedicated to dental and oral surgery. Daydreams boasts a clinical team that includes operating room experienced pediatric dentists, MD anesthesiologists, licensed dental assistants, and pediatric nurses. The environment is state-of-the-art, equipped with multiple operating rooms and a family-friendly waiting room.

“The spaced was designed to provide a safe environment for surgery that is relaxed and trauma-free for children and their parents,” explains Becka Brooks, Daydreams’ Dental Assistant. “Everything about Daydreams was done with our young patients’ comfort in mind.”

But possibly the most notable accomplishment of Daydreams is its ability to see patients within just 1 to 3 weeks. Parents are able to contact Daydreams directly to inquire about treatment for their child, or pediatric patients may be referred to Daydreams by other healthcare providers. Before treatment, children receive a pre-operative exam to determine if they are candidates for anesthesia. After treatment, documentation is sent to the referring office for the patient’s medical records.

“We want this to be a resource for the healthcare industry,” explains Lindsay Robbins, Daydreams’ Surgical Coordinator. “Dentists, pediatricians, and other healthcare providers can refer there patients to us knowing that they are in expert hands. We work hard to make the process easy and collaborative.”

An open house is being planned for late Spring where the healthcare community will be able to tour the facility and meet the team. Daydreams is open Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.